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Rev. Dr. Daniel Rodriguez Schlorff

Intersectional Churches of Connecticut
Founding Pastor
New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Convener of the Queering the Liturgy seminar
Thursday, January 2

11:00am PST

1:00pm PST

3:00pm PST

3:30pm PST

5:00pm PST

7:00pm PST

7:30pm PST

7:45pm PST

8:45pm PST

Friday, January 3

8:00am PST

8:30am PST

10:15am PST

10:30am PST

1:30pm PST

1:45pm PST

2:15pm PST

3:45pm PST

4:30pm PST

6:00pm PST

Saturday, January 4

8:30am PST

10:15am PST

11:00am PST

12:30pm PST

2:00pm PST

5:00pm PST

5:45pm PST

6:35pm PST

6:45pm PST

Sunday, January 5

12:00am PST

9:00am PST