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Pekka Rehumäki

Candidate for Membership
CV for Rev. Dr. Pekka Rehumäki
b. February 7 1952 in Ypäjä, Finland
Living in Oulu Finland
Address: Vesipääskyntie 6, 90540 Oulu, Finland
tel. +358 44 5747 128

Married 1979 to Marjut, née Pirilä
Four adult children, six grandchildren

Ordained Lutheran pastor 10.11.1992 in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (ELCF)
2013-2020 Director for Worship and Society, National Church Council of the ELCF
2008-2013 Rector in the Kempele Evangelical Lutheran parish
2001-2007 Parish priest in Cathedral Church of Oulu
1992-2001 Student Chaplain in the University of Oulu
1980-1992 Area representative for the Navigators in Finland

Academic education:
2008 PhD in Finnish and Scandinavian History University of Oulu
2004 Master of Theology in Åbo Akademi
1979 Master of Political Sciences in the University of Helsinki
1971 Matriculation examination in Lahden yhteiskoulu

I was ordained in 1992 as a student chaplain in the University in Oulu. The 90s was the decade when the latest revision of the lutheran worship in Finland was being prepared. I was drawn into this process in my local parish as we were the official testing parish for the revision. We were able to experiment under supervision with the (for us then new) ideas of the liturgical movement. The end result of some 10 years of effort was the new Book of Worship 2000. After that between 2001-2007 I served as a pastor in the Cathedral of Oulu helping to implement the new worship service. During those years I wrote my thesis in the Finnish and Scandinavian history for the faculty for humanities. The PhD thesis serves as my academic qualification as a trained historian.

During the years 2008-2013 I served as a leading pastor in the Kempele parish near Oulu. It was the first time I had the position to develop the local worship along the lines BW 2000. My foremost aim was to build a healthy parish life on the foundation of the worship service. We wanted to become a truly eucharistic church. Together with the staff of 40 hired and some 150 volunteers volunteers we were able in few years almost double our attendance.

In my occupational life as a student chaplain and parish pastor (1992-2013) I have all the time been involved with the developing the liturgical life of the local church. The experience I had gained over the years encouraged me to apply the director of Worship and Society in the National Church Council (ELCF). I was chosen and have spent the last years of my career in helping other lutheran parishes to renew their worship services. The responsibility of director for Worship and Society is to oversee the liturgical life in some 400 local parishes of the ELCF. We prepared the additional hymnal in Finnish and Swedish languages in 2010-2016. Right now my unit is busy with two projects: preparing new set of prayers for sacred ordinances and writing the prayers of the day (the collect) in plain language. I shall retire in March 2020.

I have attended NAAL Conferences 2017, 2018 and 2019.

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, January 2

7:30pm PST

Saturday, January 4

4:00pm PST